UKRAINE Donations – update 1/4/22.


Wonderful generous support has continued to pour into St Peter’s Duntisbourne Abbots.

So, on 1st April,  we took another load (30 bags and 2 food boxes) down to the Barnabas Fund collection and distribution centre in Swindon.

This week (w/e 8/4) a further 30T load will set off from there to the Romania/ Moldova (not sure which yet) border with SW Ukraine, from where supplies are moved into the country according to the needs of different areas.

Please continue with the donations at local level. As a Pastor in Ukraine has said ‘ This is not a sprint, but a marathon!’

Thank you to all who have given; and to the dedicated team who sort through, label and pack everything (with love!) before it goes down to Swindon.

And Bless you all for sticking with this.

Priorities remain Food (Tins with ring pulls; cup of soup packets; energy bars) Nappies all sizes!,  Blankets and good all weather Coats.

Philip 07956924885


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