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Benefice Services

Benefice Council

“Meanness is very often the fruit of fear whereas generosity is one of the outstanding marks of faith.”

List of Benefice Services:

14th January Birdlip

11th February Syde  (With Art Afternoon afterwards at Syde Manor)

14th February – Ash Wednesday  Duntisbourne Rous - Followed by Lunch at the Rectory and talk on Christian Meditation.

4th March Syde

25th March – Palm Sunday Duntisbourne Abbots 

8th April –  Brimpsfield 

29th April Duntisbourne Rous 9am BCP Holy Communion. 10am Daglingworth Noahs Ark Service.

13th May – Winstone  - to coincide with Flower Festival and Village Celebration.  

10th June -  Duntisbourne Abbots 

8th July – Birdlip 

29th July Edgeworth at 9am followed by Walking Church to Miserden

12th August – Miserden 

9th September – Duntsibourne Rous 

30th September Confirmation Miserden 

14th October –  Winstone

11th November – Remembrance Miserden, and Brimpsfield, Duntisbourne Abbots

2nd December Advent – Duntisbourne Abbots 

30th December Edgeworth 


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