Church of The Holy Rood, Church Lane,
Daglingworth, Gloucestershire,
GL7 7AQ.


The church is situated on the edge of the village at the bottom of Church Lane and is Saxon in origan although it has been added to over the years.  Daglinworth has a village hall, hosting many and varied activites, for more information about the village and the activites go to the web site.

The Life TogetherNews and Events and Calendar pages will give you more details about Church of The Holy Rood activities.
Sunday Services during Covid-19 are advertised on the home page and are in the calendar.

Church opening times for private prayer
The church building is generally open from 10am – 4pm on Wednesdays, but may vary depending on other services.  For up to date details please contact Steve Brady on 07554 436411 or steve.brady@gmail.com

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Thank you for your support!

Greetings to Friends of Daglingworth Church

Dear parishioners and friends of The Holy Rood, Daglingworth. The church wardens and PCC would like to send greetings and warm wishes to you all.

2020 has been a year like no other in most of our memories and one that most of us would like to forget. All of us will have spent time in isolation away from our families, missed holidays, weddings and parties and in some cases lost loved ones and friends. 

Whilst for much of the time this year our church building has been closed, we have been fortunate to get together weekly to worship via zoom, with friends old and new from across the Benefice. We have also had several services from the building itself which we have been able to zoom out. We even had a short but poignant remembrance service from the graveyard. All these services have been very well attended, changing our pre-Covid average attendance from 12 to 20, which is excellent.

As most of our giving is via direct debit through the Parish Giving scheme, we haven’t lost too much income. So, thank you very much to all that contribute to the church here in Daglingworth, it is really appreciated. That being said, having the building closed for most of the time does not reduce the running costs. In fact, as we write, we are awaiting urgent repairs to the roof to stop the rain coming in.


Officers of Church of The Holy Rood, Daglingworth

Steve Brady
07554 436411

Chris Seager-Berry
07950 659895

PCC Minutes Secretary
Judy Abbott
01285 654093

PCC Treasurer
David Howard
01285 885626

Parish Safeguarding Officer
Judy Abbott
01285 654093



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