Afghan Arrivals

Collection of Winter clothing
(coats; fleecies; jumpers; warm trousers; hoodies; trainers/boots etc..)

We have recently made a delivery to a large hotel at Heathrow, full of recently arrived Afghan families awaiting resettlement. They arrive with very little!
Any donations of good quality used, or new items gratefully received and to be left in black bags in the south aisle of St Peter’s Church, Duntisbourne Abbots.

Enquiries Philip and Charmian Ling  01285 821500 /07956924885




1000’s already temporarily housed in UK hostels.

Many migrants en route to UK.

Est’d 5000 Christians trapped in Afghanistan.

Many who have served or worked with UK still in Afghanistan.

How it works!

Clothing and Shoes; Food; Money.



Barnabas Fund
(Aid for Christians in Afghanistan)
Bank sort code 20-26-53 . Account Number 50133299

Registered Charity number 1092935.


(Supporting Refugees)
Registered Charity number 1169048.

£10 will buy a food pack which will feed a family of 4 for 3 days.

Clothing etc…hoodies; jogging bottoms; winter coats; shoes and boots…presently a need for small to medium mens and boys clothes, but check website for updates.
Donations of good quality clothes and footwear can be left in bin liners in St Peter’s Church Duntisbourne Abbots.
(Cash and Cheques into Donations box in the wall.)

Enquiries and Information contact Philip and Charmian Ling or on 07956924885.

Useful Weblinks for Christians.

Afghanistan crisis: CofE advice for parishes on helping refugees













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