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St Peter’s, Duntisbourne Abbots.

Proposed Disabled WC.

The PCC have decided to investigate the feasibility and cost of installing a WC within the Church.


Last year well over 1000 people of all ages attended services in this Church! And the PCC are working towards making this a good experience, both spiritually and physically!

At the moment, with thanks to the trustees, the Village Hall makes its facilities available to those in need, but the hall has to be opened and closed on each occasion, and it is a 300 or 400 metre walk uphill from the Church. Whatever the weather!   The lack of these facilities is a disincentive to some people who would otherwise attend.


With the help of our architect, Mick Lowe, we have identified a corner of the nave which would accommodate a small WC suitable for use by disabled people and by mums with children/ babies.   We are in the process of consulting both with the Diocese and with the Local Planning Authority, and also of discovering what this might cost.


As part of this process, the PCC would welcome the views of the community generally. To this end, from the beginning of June, there will be a static display outlining the proposal, available at the back of the Church.   Also there will be a presentation by representatives of the PCC and the architect after the morning service, 12 noon on Sunday 17th June.    In the meantime, any questions or comments may be addressed to the Secretary, Mark Jee at Top Withens, Ealy Hill, Duntisbourne Abbots GL7 7JW or mark.jee@mail.com











Photo used under licence from Adobe Stock.